Welcome to Inspired by Austen, a website to help you find the next Austen spin-off novel for your bookshelf. Have a question? See if it’s already been answered below. Otherwise, feel free to send me an email at jenn (at) inspiredbyausten (dot) com or a message by Facebook.

Why did you create this site?

I’ve been a fan of Jane Austen since high school, when my mom made me watch the 1980 Pride and Prejudice. After that, I read her completed novels and watched the film adaptations, but that wasn’t enough.

So I turned to fanfiction.

It’s been a bumpy ride. There are a few gems out there, but most Jane Austen fanfiction I’ve read hasn’t been up to snuff. Admittedly, I am a little snooty when it comes to fanfiction — or really, any fiction, since I’m a budding writer. I don’t like characters acting Out Of Character (OOC), I don’t like obvious plot devices, and I don’t like bad writing. And fanfiction has a lot of these.

After several friends asked my opinion on Jane Austen fanfiction, I decided to make this site to help others with the same problem: what’s worth reading?

Where can I find X book?

In most cases, the books in this database are organized by the Jane Austen novel they’re based on, and then the type of spinoff they are. For example, they’re organized under “Pride and Prejudice sequels” or “Mansfield Park alternate POVs.” There are also categories for books with Jane Austen as a character, books about modern Jane Austen fans, and Austen-inspired movies.

If you still can’t find a book, it might not be in the database yet. Feel free to send me an email or a Facebook message and I will add it ASAP.

What if I want to review a book myself?

You can! The comment system doubles as a reader review system. You can also rate the book with the stars at the top of the page to vote for the book’s overall rating.

I’m an author. Will you review my book(s)?

I’d love to! Send me an email or Facebook message and we can sort out the details.

Why do you have links to the book’s Amazon page?

I’m part of the Amazon affiliate program. If you click the link and buy something on Amazon (whether it’s the original book or a different one) I get a very small advertising fee. This helps offset the costs of running the site. I just want to let you know that I appreciate anyone who’s used the links to buy new Austen books! Thank you!