Author: Joan Austen-Leigh

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Later Days at Highbury

“Jane Austen’s heir apparent” (Kirkus Reviews)–her great-great-grandniece Joan Austen-Leigh–follows her sparkling first novel, A Visit to Highbury, with another delightful sojourn to the village immortalized in Emma–a society in which the guest list for a ball or the unfortunate manners of a young lady are the things that truly matter.

Genre: Emma Subjects: sequel

A Visit to Highbury: Another View of Emma

Charming, intelligent, and imperious, Miss Emma Woodhouse, the eponymous heroine of Emma, is one of Jane Austen’s best-loved creations – as is the village of Highbury turned upside down by Emma’s well-intentioned but misguided matchmaking. Joan Austen-Leigh, Austen’s own great-great-grandniece, takes readers back to this world with a novel of such style, wit, and wisdom … Read More