An Unequal Marriage

Author: Emma Tennant

About the Book

In Pemberley, Elizabeth Bennet and her husband of one year, Mr. Darcy, longed for an heir. They now have one in the person of Master Edward Darcy, sixteen years old and a worry to his parents ever since he announced at age eight that he wished to fight on the side of Napoleon in the Peninsular Wars. With Edward safely at Eton, all seems tranquil and blessed; indeed, Elizabeth, still in her thirties, is a strikingly beautiful woman known throughout the county both for the happiness of her marriage to Fitzwilliam Darcy and for the harmony, gaiety, and intelligent society she has brought to their great house, Pemberley. But when word comes that Edward has gambled away the family holdings in Wales, the peace of the household seems lost as the future not only of the Darcy fortune but of the Darcy marriage is suddenly thrown into question.

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Inspired by: Pride and Prejudice
Subjects: sequel

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