Charity Envieth Not

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George Knightley is the owner of a considerable estate, a landlord, a magistrate, and a bachelor-a state that his brother John is perpetually prodding him to change. Thankfully, there is no one remotely suitable in his entire circle of acquaintance…or so he thinks. An unwanted interloper, a few romantic mishaps amongst his friends, and the dawning realization that Emma Woodhouse is no longer a child might just change everything. In the tradition of fellow Crownhill Writers Pamela Aidan (Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman) and Susan Kaye (Fredrick Wentworth, Captain), Barbara Cornthwaite has written a retelling of one of Jane Austen’s novels from the hero’s point of view. Carefully researched and skillfully written, George Knightley, Esquire tells the other side of Emma’s story.

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Mr. Knightley is wonderfully portrayed in the George Knightley, Esquire series, which re-tells Emma from his point of view.

I love the banter between Mr. Knightley and Emma, when they tease each other for their flaws and follies. They and the other characters of Highbury are always perfectly in character, which is good to see in a strictly canon book.

Cornthwaite's original characters are also interesting, especially Spencer the Donwell curate. They form the backdrop as Knightley deals with tenants, thieves, and parish business. I enjoyed seeing the landowner-side of his life, but I see how it could be tedious for some people.

The book is remarkably well-researched. Mr. Knightley and a few other characters like to quote authors like Pope and Shakespeare, as well as the Bible and popular songs. (Emma's attempts to do the same are amusing, as she always cites the wrong person.) The quotes and other details of daily life give the book an authentic air most fanfiction lacks.

For those who like to read the hero's point of view, Charity Envieth Not is a fantastic first volume of Mr. Knightley's story.

Inspired by: Emma
Subjects: alternative POV, George Knightley

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