A Fair Prospect: Darcy’s Dilemma

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Darcy’s Dilemma (Vol II) continues on from Disappointed Hopes (Vol I).

Thrown together by circumstance in London, and with his friend, Bingley, in hot pursuit of the eldest Miss Bennet, Darcy finds his best endeavours to relieve Elizabeth of his unwelcome presence come to naught. As the encounters continue, they seem to be developing a better appreciation of each other, but is there any future for them in the face of their previous misunderstandings, and what of Harington, the man who is deemed a fair prospect for Elizabeth’s hand?

As further evidence arises of a bond existing between the couple, Darcy faces a dilemma: should he remain in Town, or should he make himself scarce? Which decision will lead to the least heartache: to never lay eyes upon Elizabeth again or to watch the woman he loves being courted and wed by another?

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Grafton delivers another strong novel in her second of the Fair Prospect trilogy. In London, Darcy and Elizabeth are continually thrown in each other's company, and their reacquaintance is full of new misunderstandings.

Fitzwilliam and Georgiana make wonderful matchmakers, and provide a large dose of humor to complement the awkward romantic tension. And I'm always glad to see Jane and Bingley receive a fair share of the romance. I enjoyed watching the plot unfold, with Elizabeth's family friend Harington always seeming to be one step ahead of Darcy in winning Elizabeth's affections. Even though you know Darcy and Elizabeth will get together, it's an exciting read because they create a number of obstacles and you need to know how they overcome them.

Darcy's Dilemma is a fantastic second book that will have you demanding to read the conclusion.

Inspired by: Pride and Prejudice
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