A Fair Prospect: Desperate Measures

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Volume III, Desperate Measures, concludes the story begun in Disappointed Hopes (Vol I) and continued in Darcy’s Dilemma (Vol II).

Reeling from the news of Elizabeth’s engagement to Harington, and desperate to avoid any possible further encounter, as much for the lady’s sake as his own, Darcy seeks distraction, removing to the West Country with his sister and cousin where they prepare to embark on a journey to Dublin. Elizabeth, meanwhile, is struggling with an inexplicable lowness of spirit following the gentleman’s removal from Town. Fate, however, has unfinished business with them both, and before long the lady is travelling to the West Country herself.

As Darcy strives to leave the past behind, will Elizabeth realise where her heart truly lies and, if so, can she find a way of letting Darcy know her feelings have changed, or is it too late for them both?

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The stunning conclusion to Grafton's trilogy delivers on all of the promises from the first two volumes, and was well worth the wait!

After overhearing Elizabeth's "acceptance" of her friend's proposal, Darcy is heartbroken. He flees London with Georgiana and Fitzwilliam, who try everything they can to console him. Meanwhile, Elizabeth plays matchmaker for her friends, and accompanies them to Bath - where Mr. Darcy is hiding!

The misunderstandings escalate to a delicious final conflict on the streets of Bath. It's such a pivotal aspect of their canon relationship that I always enjoy them working through their misconceptions. We also see more of Anne, who is independent of but still so similar to her mother. It's a pretty interesting interpretation.

So much happens in this trilogy that it's easy to forget it only covers two weeks! It works for the story, strangely enough, but if I could change one thing I would spread the events out over more time.

I have loved reading this series and can't recommend it enough to anyone who wonders "what if?"

Inspired by: Pride and Prejudice
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