A Fair Prospect: Disappointed Hopes

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In Volume I: Disappointed Hopes, Fitzwilliam Darcy returns to London following his rejection by Elizabeth Bennet a devastated and humbled man. The lady, meanwhile, is battling the unprecedented feelings stirred by having endured an innocent but intimate encounter with the gentleman in the aftermath of his proposal. Soon on her way to Town herself for an unanticipated stay, she is comforted by the presence of an old family friend, one Nicholas Harington – the son of a wealthy family whose position in society rivals that of the Darcys of Pemberley.

Circumstance soon throws Darcy back into the company of Elizabeth, much to their mutual consternation, and also introduces him to Harington who has emerged as a potential suitor for Elizabeth’s hand, a union that is viewed as a fair prospect by all – except, perhaps, Darcy himself.

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Disappointed Hopes is an alternate version of Pride and Prejudice, beginning with Darcy's botched proposal. I loved this new path for Darcy and Elizabeth! They don't get the time and space they need to forgive each other - instead they're thrown back together almost immediately, and the conflict is truly enjoyable.

There are some changes to canon, like the Gardiners not having children, but I thought Grafton did very well at keeping everyone in character. There's also a nice balance between drama and humor, which makes for an entertaining read. Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam have a great relationship, and the awkward tension between Darcy and Elizabeth is everything you could hope for.

While it's a little slow in the beginning, with Darcy and Elizabeth wrapped up in their own thoughts, it quickly picks up and hurtles toward the end. As soon as I hit the last page, I couldn't wait to read the second of the trilogy!

Inspired by: Pride and Prejudice
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4 thoughts on “A Fair Prospect: Disappointed Hopes

  1. Eileen

    I love this book!! The second book was just as good and I can’t wait to read the third one. The author has captured the language and style of Austen’s writing. There is humor and drama. We get to see what Darcy and Elizabeth are both thinking since the story is told alternately from both of their perspectives. This is a great alternative story.

    1. Cassandra

      Eileen, I am so pleased you enjoyed the first two books and I really hope you have had chance to read the final instalment!

      There is an audio excerpt from the last book going online today, read by Sarah at Sarah’s Great Reads. I hope you enjoy it (but only if you’ve finished reading!)


  2. Sheila Clark

    I really enjoyed this variation! I love all the detail and you get a feeling of living in the moments, no skipping to the next scene. When I got this book I didn’t realize it was a trilogy. Lucky for me the 2nd one was already out when I found this book.


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