Felicity in Marriage (An Erotic Pride and Prejudice Continuation Book 1)

Author: Ayr Bray

About the Book

Moments after the parson pronounces Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy man and wife they kiss. That kiss may have been a chaste kiss in front of the parson, their families, and God, but what takes place the rest of the day, well that’s between just the two of them.

Felicity in Marriage; An Erotic Pride and Prejudice Continuation (1) takes readers on an erotic and passion filled twenty-four hours with our newlyweds. Starting in the carriage on their ride back to Netherfield Park for the wedding brunch, and not ending until they make love in the master suite at London House.

Ayr Bray promises her readers an intense passion and love between her characters, and sex, lots of erotic sex!

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Inspired by: Pride and Prejudice
Subjects: erotica, sequel

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