For You Alone

Author: Susan Kaye

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How could he have failed to know himself so completely? Captain Frederick Wentworth, lately returned to England from a distinguished naval career fighting Napoleon, had re-visited the scene of his romantic defeat of eight years previous at the hands of Miss Anne Elliot to find his former love a pale, worn shadow of herself. Attracted by the libely young ladies in the area who regarded him as a hero, he had ignored Anne and entangled himself with Louisa Musgrove, a headstrong young woman who seemed all that Anne was not. Now, because of his careless behviour and Louisa’s heedlessness, his future appeared tied to her just at the moment when it had become painfully clear that Anne was still everything he truly wanted. In honour, he belonged to Louisa, but his heart was full of Anne. What was he to do?

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The Frederick Wentworth, Captain series continues in For You Alone, picking up with Louisa's recovery and ending with Wentworth and Anne's wedding night. Kaye's second installment delivers a strong conclusion to Wentworth's story.

Kaye continues her interpretation of Persuasion with interesting conversations and new characters, including a lad Wentworth takes under his wing to train for the navy. She goes deeper into the Wentworths' history and relationships, and expands on Wentworth and Anne's re-acquaintance.

The main flaw was in the pacing. The first section at Wentworth's brother's house was relatively slow, mostly because Wentworth was waiting and dreading word that he was engaged to Louisa. The second section at Bath, by contrast, seemed a bit rushed.

After the engagement, Kaye adds scenes from Anne's point of view. I would normally disapprove of introducing a new point of view character at the end of a novel, but this arrangement works well.

Overall, this is a great series, and I highly recommend it.

Inspired by: Persuasion
Subjects: alternative POV, Frederick Wentworth

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