Lovers’ Perjuries

About the Book

Have you ever wondered about the hidden romance contained within Jane Austen’s Emma? This literary retelling of Austen’s classic novel focuses on the courtship and secret engagement of Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill. How did two people of such evidently disparate temperaments fall in love? How was “the most upright female mind in the creation” persuaded to keep their engagement secret? What were the thoughts and feelings of each as events unfolded during that spring and summer in Highbury? Written with great fidelity to the original, Lovers’ Perjuries fills in all the details of scenes only hinted at in Emma. It also introduces new characters in a substantial subplot inspired by Persuasion, but featuring a lively heroine more reminiscent of Elizabeth Bennet than Anne Elliot.

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Inspired by: Emma, Persuasion
Subjects: alternative POV, Frank Churchill, Jane Fairfax

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