Mr. Darcy Forever

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Sarah and Mia Castle, two estranged sisters (and Austen addicts) who have spent a lifetime fighting over the men in their lives, meet for the first time in three years during the annual Jane Austen Festival in Bath, the city where Anne Elliot (Persuasion) and Catherine Morland (Northanger Abbey) found their happy endings. During the festival, the sisters realize that they can’t bear to be apart, even though Mia fell in love with the man Sarah eventually married and settled with in beautiful Devon, another Jane Austen location (the filming of Emma Thompson’s Sense & Sensibility). They discover that their sisterhood forms a bond stronger than their mutual connection as Jane Austen addicts. And in true Jane Austen fashion, they each begin to lose their hearts to dashing gentlemen. A beautiful, fun and quirky story of sisterhood and romance.

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Mr. Darcy Forever has a good premise, but earns only two stars for not following through.

Sarah and Mia are modern versions of Elinor and Marianne who fall in love with the same man. I'm not entirely sure why though, because that man was a terrible person. He seemed like a total schmuck from Day One, but managed to charm both of them by flirting outrageously.

Fast forward three years, and the sisters are estranged because of this disastrous love triangle. But there's no actual conflict. They're both worried about running into each other at the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, but that's delayed until the end. Almost the entirety of the current timeline is spent with them falling in love with the men they meet with no problems on that front whatsoever. Both couples instantly hit it off and didn't encounter any troubles, which made it kind of boring to read.

There were several cameos of characters from her earlier books (which makes sense given where this book is set). But one couple I only recognized because their names were given with the relish of a reveal.

Once again, I am disappointed by Victoria Connelly's latest volume of the series.

Inspired by: Sense and Sensibility
Subjects: Following the Path of Jane, modern adaptation

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