Northpointe Chalet

About the Book

Northpointe Chalet focuses on the scatterbrained but independent Kathy Moore who opens a coffee shop in a small town in Colorado.

When Ron and his sister, Liza, come by, Ron is attracted to Kathy. Oblivious to romance, Kathy enjoys their friendship. Kathy’s brother, Sam, and Liza start dating, and naturally the four of them socialize. Then Ben arrives, and there’s instant rapport with Kathy…to Ron’s chagrin and Liza and Sam’s ire.

In Kathy’s life, the line between the mysteries she reads and reality sometimes blurs. Discovering that Ben’s mother died mysteriously, Kathy investigates. Tension mounts as suspicion interferes with her relationship with Ben.

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Inspired by: Northanger Abbey
Subjects: modern adaptation

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