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Author: Ola Wegner

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Pride and Prejudice time travel story. A contemporary student switches places with original Elizabeth Darcy. Liz Bennet is a hard working, contemporary girl. Between her studies and work she has little time for romance. Her sister, Jane, convinces her to take a short break and spend a weekend with their friends in a country house. To Liz’s displeasure among the group there is William Darcy, a man she doesn’t hold in high regard. Darcy tries to ask her out, but she rejects him. The very next day, during her morning run, she gets hit by a car. She doesn’t regain her consciousness in a hospital as she expects to, but in the unfamiliar room, in the year 1813. She wakes up as a wife of a wealthy landlord, Master of Pemberley, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Liz realizes that she somehow managed to travel back in time, taking place of William Darcy’s great grandmother. Will she manage to return to her own time?


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Inspired by: Austen's Legacy

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