Suspense and Sensibility

Author: Carrie Bebris

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About the Book

Elizabeth Darcy and her beloved husband Fitzwilliam are taking on the responsibility of finding a suitable suitor for Elizabeth’s younger sister Kitty, thereby assuring her a proper place in society.

The angels smile on the young and a perfect match is found, and wedding plans are soon under way. Suddenly a change in personality occurs in Kitty’s soon to be model husband-a change so striking as to jeopardize not just the Darcys’ social standing, but their lives as well.

A mysterious mirror, an insidious reprobate from the past, and matters far beyond the social circles around Pemberly all come into play in a dangerous puzzle, where the consequences may be the exchange of a soul for a soul.

Inspired's Review

The Darcys' second paranormal adventure earns five stars for its compelling mystery and amazing characters.

Elizabeth and Darcy "volunteer" to sponsor Kitty's first season in London, and she instantly hits it off with Harry Dashwood, the son of John and Fanny Dashwood. Everything goes well until Harry unearths an ancient mirror and a portrait of an infamous ancestor. He does a complete 180, becoming a gambler, drinker, and womanizer. The Darcys struggle to figure out the cause of the transformation, and to save Kitty and Harry from a devastating future.

As you can see, Pride and Prejudice has met Sense and Sensibility. Not surprisingly, Elizabeth and Elinor bond instantly and become close friends. Fanny Dashwood and Lucy Ferrars are still the obnoxious women they were in Austen's novel, offering lots of conflict. I only wish we could see more of Marianne. She seems to be always just off-stage. And Colonel Brandon doesn't even have any lines!

Throughout the book, Bebris proves that she can accurately portray all of Austen's characters. Her original characters are also well-developed, especially Harry.

Suspense and Sensibility is a great sequel to Pride and Prescience, definitely put this series on your reading list!

Inspired by: Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility
Subjects: crossover, mystery, paranormal, sequel

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