The Cumberland Plateau: A Pride and Prejudice Modern Sequel

Author: M. K. Baxley

About the Book

What if Mr. Bennet had an older brother? And what if that brother had given up his birthright in order to marry the woman he loved? How would that one little change affect the future? The Cumberland Plateau attempts to answer those questions and reunite the American Bennetts with their English cousins.

Separated by circumstances beyond their control, two brothers make a promise. John Bennet, the elder brother of Jane Austen’s beloved Mr. Bennet is forced to leave England, but before he departs, he vows to his brother that their family will someday be united. Two hundred years later, Dr. Fitzwilliam Darcy II, takes a teaching position at a small university. He is not expecting to find a woman who captivates him as the beautiful Elizabeth Bennett does, nor does he have any idea that she is descended from a lost branch of his family. They meet and fall in love, but will his aristocratic family and elite world of privilege accept her?

Fitzwilliam’s younger brother, David, is a man scarred by his past. He has no desire for love, marriage, or family life until he meets a beautiful corporate executive from Charleston, South Carolina. She turns his world upside down as she haunts his dreams and waking moments almost from the beginning of their acquaintance. As the brothers face numerous challenges, will they be able to keep the women they love?

While her brothers toil with their lives, Georgiana Darcy seeks a love of her own with a USMC captain fighting in Iraq. Will her young Marine come back to her or will he be a hero and lose his life in heroic pursuit? Georgiana Darcy keeps the faith on the home front as she proves to be a young woman of strength and principle.

Set in the mountains of Tennessee, The Cumberland Plateau is a story of innocence and purity, reckless desire and abandonment, love and betrayal, faith and hope, and family heritage and pride. It is a story of strong men and the women who loved them as they struggle to become the men they were born to be.

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Inspired by: Pride and Prejudice
Subjects: modern adaptation, sequel

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