The Matters at Mansfield

Author: Carrie Bebris

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About the Book

Following the birth of their first child, Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy are looking forward to enjoying life at Pemberley, but family commitments draw them away to Mansfield Park. While there, the Darcys get involved with marriage arrangements, star-crossed lovers, deceit, mistaken identity, and even murder.

Inspired's Review

The Matters at Mansfield earns five stars for its "cozy mystery" plot and, like the rest of the series, wonderful characters.

Anne de Bourgh's hasty elopement with Henry Crawford sparks a series of unfortunate events. When she's injured on a detour to Mansfield, all of Henry's enemies come out of the woodwork. It's no surprise (to the reader) when Henry turns up dead on the grounds of Mansfield Park, and the Darcys are pulled into a classic murder mystery.

All of the original characters — and a few new ones — have a motive and opportunity. For my part, I was guessing right up until the end. Always a sign of a good mystery!

As always, Bebris' interpretation of the characters is a treat. Austen's cast stays in character, and the original characters are interesting and fully developed.

The only downsides? No paranormal activity and no Fanny. Given that all of the earlier books in the series featured the paranormal, I was really surprised not to find even a drop of it in this book. And even though we catch up with nearly every character from Mansfield Park, Fanny is strangely absent. Even Edmund only refers to her twice. I don't expect Elizabeth to become friends with every Austen heroine, as she befriended Elinor, but it would have been nice to see them interact.

Overall, The Matters at Mansfield is a strong installment of the Mr. and Mrs. Darcy Mystery series.

Inspired by: Mansfield Park, Pride and Prejudice
Subjects: crossover, mystery, sequel

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