The Wager

Author: L.K. Rigel

About the Book

A Pride and Prejudice variation set in the Regency period. Mary Bennet’s story. What if Elizabeth went to London to see Jane and Mary went to Hunsford to visit Charlotte?

At Rosings Park, Mary meets Major Carleton Quartermaine, there with Colonel Fitzwilliam. “Carley” shares her love of music, and he puts her so much at ease that when they sing a duet together she hits every note perfectly.

Mary finds herself drawn to the handsome and charming officer, but then she overhears something that destroys her trust. Carley’s attentions to her are thrilling and unexpected, but she could never love a man who doesn’t respect her…

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Inspired by: Pride and Prejudice
Subjects: Mary Bennet, variation

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