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The Private Diary of Mr. Darcy

Author: Maya Slater

Have you ever wondered what Mr. Darcy was really thinking? Find out his secrets in this captivating novel of love, pride, passion, and, of course, prejudice. Mr. Darcy’s intimate diary reveals his entanglements with women, his dangerous friendship with Lord Byron, his daily life in Georgian London, his mercurial mood swings calmed only by fisticuffs … Read More

Captain Wentworth’s Diary

Author: Amanda Grange

The retelling of Jane Austen’’s novel Persuasion from the point of view of Captain Frederick Wentworth, —by the author of Mr. Knightley’’s Diary. During his shore leave from the Navy, Frederick Wentworth falls in love with the elegant and intelligent Miss Anne Elliot— only to see his hopes of marrying her dashed by her godmother. Eight years later, … Read More

Edmund Bertram’s Diary

Author: Amanda Grange

The retelling of Jane Austen’’s novel Mansfield Park from the point of view of Edmund Bertram, —by the author of Mr. Knightley’’s Diary and Captain Wentworth’s’ Diary. At ten years of age, Fanny Price came to live with Edmund Bertram and his family at Mansfield Park. Far from the brat Edmund expected, Fanny became his closest confidante and dearest friend. … Read More

Mr. Darcy’s Diary

Author: Amanda Grange

Mr. Darcy’s Diary presents the story of the unlikely courtship of Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy from Darcy’s point of view — sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings. This graceful imagining and sequel to Pride and Prejudice explains Darcy’s moodiness and the difficulties of his reluctant relationship as he struggles to avoid falling in love with Miss Bennett. … Read More

Mr. Knightley’s Diary

Author: Amanda Grange
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Between managing his estate and visiting his brother in London, Mr. Knightley is both exasperated and amused by his irresistably beautiful, outrageously mischievous neighbor, Emma Woodhouse, whose misguided attempts at matchmaking are wreaking havoc in the village of Highbury. But when a handsome newcomer arrives and catches Emma’s attention, Mr. Knightley is shocked by his … Read More

Henry Tilney’s Diary

Author: Amanda Grange

A charming retelling of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey–a tale of gothic misunderstandings through Henry Tilney’s eyes… At the age of four and twenty, Henry is content with his life as a clergyman, leaving his older brother Frederick to inherit Northanger Abbey. But General Tilney is determined to increase the family’s means by having all three … Read More