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The Perfect Match

Author: Lory Lilian

“The Perfect Match” is a short story, a sequel to “Pride and Prejudice” that takes place a year after the events of Jane Austen’s novel. Her beloved characters are approaching their first wedding anniversary as the Darcys and Bingleys experience somewhat different marriages. In addition, Elizabeth Darcy has the burden of organizing her first ball … Read More

Masterpiece: Death Comes to Pemberley (TV adaptation)  (2014 Film)

Masterpiece Mystery!: Death Comes to Pemberley It is the eve of the Darcys’ annual ball at their magnificent Pemberley estate. Darcy and Elizabeth, now six years married, are relaxing with their guests after supper when the festivities are brought to an abrupt halt. A scream calls them to the window and a hysterical Lydia Wickham … Read More

Darcy and Elizabeth: A Season of Courtship

Author: Sharon Lathan

Accepting a marriage proposal is merely the beginning . . . How did Lady Catherine restore Mr. Darcy’s hope to prompt his second proposal? Did Caroline Bingley yield gracefully? Were the Bennets and Meryton citizens approving? Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are betrothed! Readers of The Darcy Saga have shared in the romance, life, and … Read More

Mary Bennet: A Novella in the Personages of Pride & Prejudice Collection

Author: Jennifer Becton

Now that all her sisters have left home, long-neglected Mary Bennet finds herself the focus of her mother’s attention. Mrs. Bennet intends to find the perfect match for her bookish, socially awkward daughter, and Mary wants nothing more than to please her mother. But when Mary receives the gift of a large dowry, Mrs. Bennet … Read More

Mrs Darcy’s Diamonds

Author: Jane Odiwe

A Jane Austen Jewel Box Novella. Elizabeth is newly married to Fitzwilliam Darcy, the richest man in Derbyshire, owner of a vast estate, and master of Pemberley House. Her new role is daunting at first, and having to deal with Mr Darcy’s aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, is a daily challenge. But, Elizabeth is deeply … Read More

Genre: Pride and Prejudice Subjects: sequel

Young Mr. Darcy in Love

Author: Marsha Altman

Two young suitors, torn apart by time and circumstance. Geoffrey Darcy, son of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, is completing his third and final year at Cambridge under the watchful eye of his cousin and graduate fellow George Wickham Junior. Georgiana Bingley, daughter of Charles Bingley and Jane Bennet, is spending her time in London … Read More

Genre: Pride and Prejudice Subjects: sequel

Virtue and Vanity

Virtue and Vanity is the follow-up story to Desire and Duty: a sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Sarah Bingley is Governess for the children of Sir Thomas and Lady Staley (Georgiana Darcy) in Paris and then in Derbyshire, England. The story follows Miss Bingley’s relationship with the heir of Pemberley Hall, Andrew Darcy.

Genre: Pride and Prejudice Subjects: sequel

The Unexpected Miss Bennet

Author: Patrice Sarath

The third of five daughters, Miss Mary Bennet is a rather unremarkable girl. With her countenance being somewhere between plain and pretty and in possession of no great accomplishments, few expect the third Bennet daughter to attract a respectable man. But although she is shy and would much prefer to keep her nose stuck in … Read More

Eliza’s Daughter

Author: Joan Aiken

A Young Woman Longing for Adventure and an Artistic Life… Because she’s an illegitimate child, Eliza is raised in the rural backwater with very little supervision. An intelligent, creative, and free-spirited heroine, unfettered by the strictures of her time, she makes friends with poets William Wordsworth and Samuel Coleridge, finds her way to London, and … Read More

Genre: Sense and Sensibility Subjects: sequel

Maria Lucas

Author: Jennifer Becton

After a great deal of romantic strife, Maria Lucas finds herself married to Mr. Jonas Card in a desperate attempt to extricate herself and her sister Charlotte from a dire financial situation. Mr. Card, however, truly loves Maria and has vowed to woo her. Alas, she views him only in friendly terms. But when it … Read More

Caroline Bingley

Author: Jennifer Becton

When Charles Bingley and Mr. Darcy made proposals of marriage to the Bennet sisters at the end of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Caroline Bingley was both distressed by her brother’s choice of bride and humiliated by Mr. Darcy’s rejection of her. And she made her objections known. Now banished from her brother’s household, Caroline … Read More

Later Days at Highbury

“Jane Austen’s heir apparent” (Kirkus Reviews)–her great-great-grandniece Joan Austen-Leigh–follows her sparkling first novel, A Visit to Highbury, with another delightful sojourn to the village immortalized in Emma–a society in which the guest list for a ball or the unfortunate manners of a young lady are the things that truly matter.

Genre: Emma Subjects: sequel

An Unequal Marriage

Author: Emma Tennant

In Pemberley, Elizabeth Bennet and her husband of one year, Mr. Darcy, longed for an heir. They now have one in the person of Master Edward Darcy, sixteen years old and a worry to his parents ever since he announced at age eight that he wished to fight on the side of Napoleon in the … Read More

Genre: Pride and Prejudice Subjects: sequel